General Chat (Talk)



Welcome to the General Chat topic.

What you do here is anything except swearing or cussing! :slight_smile: So just talk to each other or get help from a staff member online on the topic, Do not spam reply’s on this forum post keep it clean and fun for everyone!

Sincerely - =MOD= Spitsez

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Clap, clap, clap, clap.


Amazing, someone be my friend. :slight_smile:


I am testing. :slight_smile:


You are testing very nice very, very nice.


yuy that’s pretty nice.


whats poppinq normies


who you callin normie


._. Yes I am testing.


Why. :c I have tests next week so I have to study for it during the weekend this will also be on discord but I will be online more than studying or I’ll just study on Sunday because I am to energetic to do studies. OK <3 y’all


ok thats decent of a chat


Very decent. Very cool.


Why do I hate this photo so much


Because it’s a cringy thing.




Highway to hell, I saw highway to hell.


Man I was an idiot back in Aug because everything was still new


Fuck yeah lmao mother fuckers


Noice, can’t believe this stupid char limit…