Pendulum Network URLs


Pendulum Network URLs

We have lots of different services that we operate and work with, however keeping track of their links can be a pain, so we’ve put them all here!

The domain is set up to allow Minecraft connections to access our server, and browser connections to access our website. If any issues occur, add “:28602” to the end of the URL. Resource pack downloads not required (leave the setting alone, or change it how you want).

Our payment site for ranks and gkits.

Website: (coming soon)
Our official website, which tells you information about our network, its staff, and other topics you should know before joining.

Forum: (temporary)
The PN Forum, used for posting information about the server and general discussion.

Node.js programmer vegeta897’s D-Zone program is now running on the Pendulum Network! Visit the #d-zone channel for more info.

More URLs planned for the future!