The Pendulum Network Forum!


Welcome to the Pendulum Network Forum!

To help ease the eyestrain that Discord can sometimes provide, we’ve introduced a newer system for talking with others: an easy-to-read discussion system known as Discourse!


Although we call this a forum, the site itself is actually a "topic & post" setup, involving topics made by you, others, and the staff, and posts, which are technically replies to the topic. Not only can you post here, but this will also be a place for posting server updates & announcements (along with our Discord, which is not shutting down anytime soon).


Like all other things that exist, there are rules and allowed/disallowed actions. We didn't want to bombarde you with rules, but we put in the ones that make up most online forums:
  1. Be respectful and kind to everyone, including their ideas, opinions, thoughts, and belongings. Don’t call another person’s build “trash” or “lame” because you didn’t build it. Constructive criticism is allowed, but criticize ideas, not people.

  2. No offensive language of any kind. This includes general swearing (as there may be minors on the forum), as well as discrimination of race, gender, orientation, beliefs, religion, and opinions. Homophobic content is allowed, but we encourage that you don’t talk about it.

  3. No inappropriate content, such as pornography (regardless of who’s involved), nudity, offensive propaganda, hate imagery, and/or violence. If you wish to post this content within the Pendulum Network, feel free to do it in our #nsfw-ok Discord channel.

  4. We are not craigslist. Promotion, advertisement, buy/sell/trade, and other listings are not allowed. If you wish to list something of yours, feel free to do it in our #advertising Discord channel.

  5. Refrain from spam and double posting. If you wish to bump your post, you may do so by searching for the post and adding a “bump” or “push” post there, but please do not post the same topic more than once.
    (We will grant amnesty to those who could not find their original topics, or that the same topic was posted under someone else’s name, and you were searching under the assumption that it was your post. In this case, we will delete the double post/topic for you. Multiple offenses will receive disciplinary action.)

  6. Don’t message staff members unless it’s an EMERGENCY. We are busy working on the server, BUT you can post the issue in our #support category and a staff member will review your post momentarily.

  7. Keep conversations in their appropriate category. Don’t post “who wanna play csgo” in the Support category, or else you’ll (1.) hardly get any players and (2.) get hated by the staff.

  8. No excessive arguing. Everyone should get along with each other, but don’t argue constantly about an issue. We are not Burger King. You might have it your way at times, but don’t expect that with every post.


Like a wise server owner once said:

Not knowing the rules is not an excuse for not following them. Please treat this as your official warning.

Okay fine, Sim said that.

The disciplinary ladder for our forum is as follows:

  • First Offense: We understand that everyone makes mistakes at times, and we don’t want you to leave us for not remembering something. We’ll make it easy and simply remind you of the rules. Consider this as your second warning.

  • Second Offense: You’ve failed to comply for the second time, and therefore action must be taken. Your account will be SUSPENDED from our forum for 72 hours. After this time is up, you will be granted one last chance to follow the rules on the forum before further actions take place. This is your third and final warning.

  • Third Offense: You’ve had 3 chances, and now they’re all used up. Your account will be blocked from our service. You can still log in to the forum, but posting and topic creation will not be allowed.

Admins reserve the right to skip a disciplinary action at any time, which will be finalized using a decision vote system. We treat all users fairly, so do not be concerned about the outcome being affected by your preferences.

For those who are instantly blocked from our forum (no 1st/2nd offense usage), we will allow you to appeal your blocking. Based on your actions, we will decide using the system mentioned above to determine your appeal’s approval or denial. Once again for clarification, we treat everyone fairly.

If you wish to appeal your banishment, please email us @ with the subject “Forum Appeal Request” (clicking the link will automatically fill in the subject).


We hope that you enjoy your experience here on our Forum, and that if you have any questions, feel free to message @Simsnet#1754 on Discord or @Simsnet on here for assistance.

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